Terminal Question 101

This audio show is for you to learn a little something! Your buddy K986 talks to some guests who know a little or a lot more about something than he does, and takes you along for the ride!

If you have a question about the topic at hand for the guest, leave a comment on that specific post entry, and with enough interest I'll schedule another session. Likewise, if you just like that topic and would like to hear more about it, please express your interested by liking the post! This is by far the strongest chance you the viewers have to interact with what you digest!

To apply for a guest appearance, you can find the form on the "Fan Requestspage.

Some things to know:
Stereo Sound: Requires two speakers - Left channel is host, Right channel is guest. (For listeners who want the immersive experience)
Mono Sound: Both host and guest  are heard regardless of speaker channel. (For listeners who need to keep an ear open)

Episode List