Nyko Xbox 360 Charging Dock (Xbox 360)

A step in the right direction!


  • Comes with two NiMH (rechargeable)  battery packs advertised as 25 hours of playtime (I have not tested for more than 6 hours as of yet)
  • Base station accepts both controllers at once, with a front-mounted easy to see LED display that shows if/when they are charging
  • Has a USB port hidden in the front
  • Power cable keeps it separate from the Xbox 360 system itself
  • Cheaper than buying to battery + charger combo packs


  • Requires specific batteries (Nyko NiMH like the ones that come with it) to charge

Overall, this guy saves me a lot of time. I own an Xbox that just wants to keep turning itself on from power-down state, so I often leave it unplugged (meaning my batteries can't charge while I'm not playing). This charger, being independant from the Xbox, will charge both my controllers without any issue, and the USB in the front also lets me charge my wireless headset while I'm not gaming as well. So far, I have had no issues with it at tall (one controller has been on there charging since I got it, no smells of burning or anything like that).

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