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"Watch Alongs" are meant to be listened to along with the titled movie (think along the lines of an audio commentary track, or {as they will often degrade into} something akin to Mystery Science Theater 3000). An audio countdown is supplied at the beginning for those syncing up to the movie of topic, so you can experience the audio in real-time!

"Terminal Question 101" is for those who want a shorter batch of audio-based content that might even teach them something. The topic and guest professional amateur (those who know more about something than I do, that is) may change per episode, but through leaving feedback or questions you can help control the path they take! Have a question that didn't get answered in a Car-centric episode? Leave it as a comment, and you very well may find it being asked in a follow up episode!

Watch Alongs
TISR Audio-cast
Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Skynet may have dropped the ball on following through with the movie-designated doomsday, but it crops it's head up to try and interrupt two dudes enjoying this sci-fi masterpiece. Listen in for some interesting tid-bits, or just to hear the poor meat popsicles suffer at the hands of their robotic internet overlord.

Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

Pronounced "Pair-a-bore-male act-dreary 4". It's hard to imagine they could take the series and make one worse , but they did it. Grab a blanket and your drool cup folks, and if you are afraid of catching a bit of stupid, you might want to just fast forward to the post-movie chattering.

Spiders (2013)

What happens when you find people with as many facial expressions as Kristen Stewart and face them off against a creature that happens to be ancient alien DNA spliced with spiders in space by russian scientists after they descend back into earth aboard the broken-off disposal unit? Spiders 3D.  Why three d? I don't know, but thats what the title real calls it even though nowhere else is it ever mentioned.. 

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Paranormal activity? More like para-BORE-mal stupidity.

Osombie (2012)

 Really, the title says it all here: Its Osama + Zombies. Watch the world's wost military outfit combat legions of the undead in the desert less effectively than an angry firefighter and his idiot sister. Serious though, this one's better than a lot of our other ones! I promise! 

Assault of the Sasquatch (2009)

 Ever wonder what would happen if you injected a Sasquatch into a bad version of Assault on Precinct 13?  Obviously, the lovable sassafrass steals the entire show, and shows us just what a hairy guy has to put up with in a city full of kung-fu hookers and rent-a-cops.

 Join us on as we comment on how Steve is a jerk and poor misunderstood Francis is just trying to put on a nice dinner party.

Come with us on a magical journey through 2005's Throttle (aka No Way Up). Where we banter on about the sounds a truck makes!

 The original Terminator was a great film, neither of us can refute that, but we do have some fun trivia in there, as well as some semi-heavy debate of time travel. 

Terminal Question 101
Terminal Question 101
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A Meeting of Friends: Of Music and Countries

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He who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men

TQ101 Episode 1

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TQ101 Teaser

A basic explanation of intent and design, so you know what's to come.